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Get Ready for the Decades Ahead

Dear Members


Wodonga Golf Club has served our community for almost four decades. It has become golfers’ and members’ favorite place. As part of our ongoing effort to keep the golf course and in its best possible condition, we are planning a major improvement plan for the golf course to be undertaken in next three years. The improvement plan will set solid foundation to the course for the next decades. 


The most significant part of the improvement plan is the water pumps and irrigation system upgrade. A well-functioning and effective irrigation system is the heart for every golf course. Our existing irrigation has served us for more than 30 years - which is well above its designed life-span. The recent breakdown of the water pumps has made irrigation upgrade became our priority. 

The golf course improvement plan for the next 3 years includes:

•    Install new water pumps and filtration system.

•    Car park extension and re-seal that will provide additional parking spots.

•    Upgrade of irrigation control system.

•    Re-shape the 7th green to make it more playable for every member.

•    Upgrade part of irrigation pipes, as part of long run replacement program. 

Pumps small.jpg
WhatsApp Image 2021-05-07 at 9.05.08 PM.

The watering capacity is one of limitations of us to achieving better course condition. With new pumps and upgraded irrigation, we can water more efficiently, and reduce repair & maintenance, and maximize the course playability.


It’s challenging task to make the improvement plan with the club’s restrained budget. As a entire new irrigation for the 18 holes golf course will generally cost over $1 Million. The best pumps and irrigation upgrade solution will provide best long-run benefit and cost effectiveness, but it has bigger upfront cost. On the other hand, the members most concern areas, such as the 7th green, parking space, cart path, also need to be addressed. We will make the improvement plan tackle on the long-term benefit with budget we can afford.


Stay tuned for more updates in our next newsletter. In the meantime, enjoy the course and keep swinging, and stay safe.


Thank you.


The Team at Wodonga Golf Club

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