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Wodonga Golf Club Newsletter
August 2023

Dear Members:


As we embrace the heart of August, a shift in weather marks the advent of a new season. We trust you've enjoyed the sunlit days this month has brought. We are delighted to provide you with the latest updates on our course.


Greens Renovation: On September 11th, we will gear up for a renovation of our greens. John Anderston and his team will use the now "Air2g2" machine. This innovative technology will infuse air, penetrating to a depth of 300mm. The process includes core aeration using 16mm hollow tine cores, accompanied by a substantial sand top-dressing and fertilization. Anticipate an optimal greenery come springtime.


Toilet Renovation: Preparations are underway for the renovation of our restroom facilities in the clubhouse. The contracted work is slated to commence early in September. The Clubhouse will provide you with timely updates in the lead-up to the project's commencement.


Membership Fees 2023/2024: As we reflect on the challenges posed by escalating costs and workforce shortages over the past year, it's evident that many of our members and fellow business proprietors have encountered similar obstacles. Determining the membership fees for the upcoming year has been a thoughtful process. We are committed to maintaining affordability while also addressing the operational loss of -$124,089 incurred in the last financial year. Given the persistent upward trajectory of costs, exemplified by a 6% rise in annual inflation (CPI) during the last fiscal year, it's imperative to prudently manage our financial position. Consequently, the membership fees will be adjusted by 5%.

We acknowledge that the stability of our team is fundamental to the club. The workforce shortage is making this very challenging. Our superintendent John Anderson is dedicated to training and retaining our grounds maintenance crew over the coming years. We are optimistic that the revised fees and increased budget allocation will contribute positively to this endeavour.


Members Survey. As we initiate the membership renewal process, a members' survey will be included. Your insights are invaluable as we strive to enhance your golfing experience.


Long-term Course Strategy: Our aspirations for the golf course encompass a comprehensive evaluation of our facilities. This long-term vision is intrinsic to our commitment to provide updated facility strategy to the golfing community. The review process, spanning one to two years. The change will not be apparent over the next three years. It will help us to create future vision golf.


Wishing you a spectacular golfing season ahead.


Warm regards,


The Management Team

Wodonga Golf Club Newsletter July 2023

Dear Members:


With the winter months gradually fading away, we hope this newsletter finds you in high spirits, eagerly anticipating the forthcoming golf season. We are excited to bring you the latest updates on our winter projects and course preparations, all aimed at enhancing your golfing experience.


New Drainage Project on the 8th Fairway: Throughout the winter, John and his team have been hard at work on the new drainage project for the 8th fairway. The progress has been steady, and the project is currently in full swing. Once completed, it will significantly improve the playing surface both during dry spells and wet weather, ensuring a more enjoyable game for everyone.


Green Renovations Underway: We understand the crucial role pristine greens play in the enjoyment and challenge of the game. John and his team have scheduled comprehensive greens renovations in early September, ensuring the greens are in best possible condition for the upcoming golf season.


Clubhouse Toilets Renovation: We are thrilled to announce that the long-awaited renovation of our clubhouse toilets is finally becoming a reality. We have secured contractors who will commence work in September. The renovations are expected to last approximately eight weeks, and we will provide you with further updates on the arrangements by late August.


Gavin, Our Beloved PGA Pro, Continues with Us: We are delighted to share the exciting news that our beloved PGA Pro, Gavin, has officially renewed his contract and will be staying with our golf club for at least two more years! Gavin's expertise, passion for the game, and dedication to helping golfers of all levels improve their skills have made a significant impact on our club over the past six years. With Gavin's continued presence, we are confident that we will provide an exceptional experience for all our members.


Course Drying Out for the Season: As the weather transitions, we are delighted to witness the course gradually drying out. Soon, its lush greenery will be restored, and the course will be in prime condition for play as the season unfolds.


Membership Renewal and Fee Adjustments: We are currently working on the budget and membership fees for the upcoming year. As we understand the impact of the rising cost of living, and try to minimize adjustments to the fees no more than the Consumer Price Index (CPI). We will provide you with more information on this matter in early August.


Thank you for being an integral part of our golfing community. Wishing you all a fantastic golf season ahead!



The Management Team

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